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This is the big one!

Another day, another Costa trip... On our leisurely walk home from grabbing a coffee, I brought up the subject of my upcoming album showcase and I started feeling SO excited about it that I decided to write my first blog since just before I moved to Bromley last year. In terms of shows, this really is the big one! It will be a career highlight, me performing my album material (for the first time ever) with the big band that backed me on the album (such a good band!) at the Hippodrome Casino, (one of my favourite venues in London), infront of my closest friends, family and VIPs!

The reason why I'm calling it a showcase and not a launch is because it's a concert to showcase the album material to record labels and producers (and the like) and I may not be actually selling the album at the event. A big part of me is saying to sell it but the part of me that says not to has good reason to, if I'm showcasing the album to record labels why would they sign up and take on an album that's already been released?! So, for now, I think I'll keep it 'off the shelves' and if I sell anything on the day, it'll be perhaps some rough copies for those who came solely to buy an album. The main album will be released either by a label later in the year or independantly in the early Summer - I'm hoping with a UK tour of sorts.

If you can make the showcase, I'd love to have you come along. You can buy your tickets and find out more about the show here: (copy and paste into your browser)

Regarding what will happen this space!

Shane Hampsheir

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