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My Debut Single...At No. 1?

Hello you! I'm sat at Costa at ExCeL London having just eaten a BLT sandwich and I've just finished my bottle of Pepsi, yum. On the coffee shop's sound system I'm seemingly listening to, what was it? One sec... Tum ti tum... Shazam says...'Loose Ends' by Willie and the Giant... A Maroon 5-esque sounding vocal, pleasant enough to be writing to.

It's been a long morning so far, I'm planning my trip to New York as I fly out next Monday and I've got four gigs this weekend, starting tomorrow night. So, it's all good. I've got a busy weekend ahead including a 'Celebrating Bond' gig at The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square which is always fun! I'm actually about to head off for a final rehearsal for the Bond show with Lucy Sinclair, the female vocalist for this Saturday, she's been in 'We Will Rock You' and 'Dirty Dancing'. She's a top pro! Should be a great evening!

But, before I concentrate whole-heartedly on the days to come, let me tell you - quickly - about the days that have just gone by, mainly the fact that my debut single, 'Brazil' just got to NO. 1!!!

I wasn't expecting it. I maybe joked about it and hoped that it would do well but never thought it would be so successful!?! I mean, on the iTunes Jazz Chart, there are some huge names...the hugest, in fact. So, to be no. 1 in that chart means a lot and I want to thank everybody who's downloaded it. Those of you that haven't yet, what are you waiting for? - so far, I've only promoted it on social media. I paid $26 (why dollars? No idea) on Facebook and so far, I've had over 1k likes on that post, my most ever! So, even just making my social media community and mailing list aware of the single allowed me to have a no. 1 single...awesome!

On the whole, last weekend was a very happy one! I've got much to look forward to, although I'm nervous about performing in New York City for the first time, knowing that I've had the modest success of a no. 1 jazz single will likely encourage me and remind me - every so often - that I can make my own dreams come true if I really work hard, put my mind to it and actually use my brain. Shall I get a chocolate brownie?

Nah, I'll go for a run after my rehearsal! God knows I'll eat enough dessert in NYC! Wish me luck...

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